Title - C.C. W. O. Bible College




      Christ's Church World Outreach Bible College 
         Satellite of
       Bible Faith Global College and Seminary
        President and Founder Dr. Alford Kornegay
               Elm Grove Church Ministries
                 Location Address: 118 Booker Street
                                                       Mailing Address: P.O. Box 446
            Pikeville North Carolina, 27863 

 Course Registration will begin in January 2016 New Students
 Class resumes March 2016  
             Five/fold leaders, Bishops, Elders, Church leaders, Lay members, anyone that has a                     vision or desire to continue your biblical education is encourage to attend.

                             We are accredited for Christian Education  purposes only!

   Academic Programs available:
      Undergraduate Programs

            Certificate Program

           Diploma in Practical Theology
  (God’s Blueprint for Spiritual Protocol)
    Initial entry is mandatory for all students. 40 dollars per class for book.
    3 credit semester program (30 credit hrs.) 

  • (Course will be held for your convenience 1st Saturdays only from 12noon-4p)
      Also home school are available, if cannot attend classes.  

    Each student will be evaluated and considered initially, to what academic                     programs goal to be achieved for completion if need be.

    Associate of Arts
    Bachelor of Arts

   Graduate Programs
    Master’s of Arts
   Master’s of Divinity
   Doctoral Degree
   Doctoral of Philosophy Degree

     Any questions Call:   DEAN: Kenneth D. Vaughn, D.D. at 919-344-5606 
               ADMINISTRATOR: CLEVELAND DAVIS, M.D. at 919-252-7721

          CLICK ON WEBSITE ADDRESS:    http://info@biblefaithglobal.org

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