Title - Mission-Vision


Apostle Kenneth and Prophetess Edna Vaughn, Senior Pastor

The Throne Room CHURCH" at  E.G.M. shall function in the paradigm of the first century Church!

Where the Word of God Heals and the Spirit frees and Transforms.  

It is Essential that the Ministry Gifts
These "The Ascension Gifts",
Must Function Together In the Church!
  The Body of Christ.
                            Ephesians 4:11-16
         Apostles-----  "Sent One"    Foundational 
         Prophets-----     "Seer"       Foundational
         Evangelists-   "Announcer" Good News
         Pastors------   "Shepherd"  Tenders of the Flock
         Teachers----   "Instructor"  Teach and Impart True Doctrine
Is to operate in the fullness of the Holy Ghost;  

Raise up a Apostolic team of Sent Ones;  

Spreading the Good News of the Gospel Worldwide; 

Build up families, communities and society; Meet Needs
Train up an army of chain breakers; Turn the world Right side up

World Wide Apostolic Great Commission Team 
    An Army of Sent Ones 


   "Golden Gate Pavillion"

Golden Gate Memorial Gardens
(Community Cemetery)
 Phrase#1  Is Now Open!

 GO TO WEBSITE AT: Goldengatemg.org
      Coming in the Future!

       Build a Multi Flex Community Center

           Homes for Senior Living

      Christ's Church Bible College Worldwide

·                Shopping Center

·     Recovery Shelter for Men and Women

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